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I am SO EXCITED!!! Thanks Hope for offering this class. You made my week :o)

Just signed up...SO excited!!

I also just signed up, Hope! So excited, as I am taking a week long road trip from So California to upstate New York in May with my 23 year old daughter, and want to journal all about it! Yay!!!!

Hey Hope, are there any special tools we need to have for this?

Very good question!
The PDF exercises will list out what you need for them on the first page.
For the other journaling exercises - the 4, each week with the journaling prompt I will tell you what you will need, and you have 2 weeks to do the exercise (my finished spread will be posted after 1 week)

So, the only things you really need is a journal, some pens and basic craft supplies (scissors, adhesive, etc).
I will do a post about this as well!

Thanks Leanne!

I took the online artist class that contains some of the same materials, I was wondering if you could email me the adjusted price, and how to sign up for the class that way?

Heard about your blog from ArtsyMama and signed up right away for this class. It's exactly what I've been looking for.

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