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I like your style - because you don't use a lot of embellishments & drawings, but letters and words eventually make a beautuful picture - this is very valuable to me.

My DD is on flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/polenore/sets/72157625313455301

It's my first december diary, I fell in love with this idea after talented Russian-speaking artist Yana Bordon (yanabordon.livejournal.com) showed own DD'10 and organized LJ-community for Russian-speaking members, dedicated to DD: http://community.livejournal.com/december_daily/
(yep, there's Russian language only, but pictures are international :))

It's a beautiful book ... and a great way to approach both #decdaily and #reverb10!!

thanks for the peek!


Am definitely going to check out reverb10 ... I had such a blast with my travel journal last week while in Munich. Scans, etc, soonish.

Okay. I just keep looking at this post over and over and over again! I love how you've created beautiful little art to reflect on your year. Soooo lovely. I want a little journal! :D

- with reverberations from #reverb10 HQ, caligater :)

Hope, this is gorgeous! Thank you putting such a creative twist on your #reverb10 responses. I am so glad we connected via the twitterverse. xoxo

This is absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait to see more of your book as the month goes on!

Love it! Great way to merge the too and lovely design as well.

Great Journal Idea; Love all of your ideas and that you shared it with us~ What a wonderful way to wind the year down as the new one will soon arrive~

Too cool!

Absolutely beautiful! I love this! I just signed up yesterday for Reverb10 (which is such a fantastic idea) and I am a scrapbooker and writer, so your concept fits perfectly. I think I just found the perfect use for the journal I made using handmade Italian paper! :o)

Wonderful! Love it! I've been working on the year in a book formatted with art for the places and changes I felt I could not express. Have a wonderful time. I will keep checking back as I am also doing the #reverb10 - using my blog as a way to keep it out there and me honest about doing it. Thank you for sharing.

Now I wish I was doing mine this way, too! What a treasure for you to create and cherish.

I'm super impressed along with the others who have commented. I hope you continue to enjoy your journaled reverb10 prompts. I'm doing mine the traditional way on my blog.

That's so cool! I love it!

thanks for the link love! your book is just yummy...bring to jenni's class! xoxo

What a fabulous idea! Love love love it!

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