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Hope, You're journaling truly rocks in my book...you have such great style, your lettering is awesome, the graphics are great, and your whimsy nature is inspiring...I just wish I could give myself a push to get myself going and do one page like yours...Like you told me one time ~ you just have to do it & start...thanks for sharing... have a honey of a night ~ sweet dreams! Marlene

Hope I am so glad you are back at it. I have missed your posts! I think everyone hits rough patches. I have been trying my best to at least attempt journaling in some form everyday. Since wishing for a beautiful journal hasn't worked I guess I am just going to have to practice! lol I have looked back over your blog many times for inspiration and in an attempt to copy some of your beautiful art. Thank you so much for all of your hard work. Your art (even when you aren't happy with it) is a gift to all of us. Keep at it...it will come! Good thoughts coming your way!

THERE you are!
Welcome back!

Thanks for sharing, I think it's important to have slow periods in our creativity too, I hope this is the beginning of finding your way back to your awesomeness in journaling again! :-)

Have a great weekend!

Wow! I've you're "in a slump" I'd love to see you when you're going great guns! It's a lovely journal! Love how creative it is and your writing is goregous. Alas, mine is terrible! what's your secret? Have a great day!

I am taking the 4 Artists, 4 Ways online class. I was out of town for a week and have just this morning had the opportunity to read your last two lessons - LOVED it! Having been inspired, I thought I would nudge it a bit further and visit your blog. What a pleasant surprise to know that I am not the only one who starts an art journal, does a few pages and then becomes unhappy with it. Only to start yet another journal and go through the very same thing again. I sympathize with you and that makes you more real - afterall with art like yours, who would have thought that you could would be "real" - keep up the wonderfully creative art that you do! And here's hoping that we can both "bulk up" our art journals.


you know, I would never be brave enough to cut up a journal page that was less than perfect -- so go you! (I did all your assignments by the way for the 4 Artists 4 Ways class but given that they were personal (besides the last one which I stuffed up) I haven't blogged them.

Oh, and I came home today to find the dogs had munched on the printouts of the old paper pdf you gave us in the class!

i wonder if, collectively, we all put together our 'started but unfinished' journals, we could pave our way round the world? i so empathize with the whole process you describe in this post. if only we could be as kind to ourselves as we are to everyone else and if only our critical eyes were not so hard on us! we'll get there. it looks like you have made a wonderful start on this one.

If you could see my stack of unfinished art journals...good for you for taking what you love from your work and starting again. No more guilt trips!

That looks so cute!! Love it. I even just looked up Home Goods (I've never heard of it) to see if I could find some clearance stuff...I love stationary on clearance!

I used to get bored with journals, so now I make them with smaller signatures. That way, I don't have a huge journal to finish, and can usually stick to one a month, even if I don't journal every day. It helps!

I'm glad you're back. I missed your posts!

I now have a burning question for you: how did you make or where did you find that tiny cabinet card frame in your journal page? It's amazing!

I bow down to the journalling Goddess! You totally rock, girl! <3

Just beautiful, Hope! Welcome back...those pages were SO worth the wait! xox

I am never disappointed in your journaling posts! You are the queen of journal pages. I love them all.

Great pages! I love visiting you. You give me great ideas. :)

want me to give you my address so next time you don't like your pages you can just ship them off to me? lol! thx for sharing this post...everything you do is beautiful...it's nice to know that i'm not the only one who is a tough critic of themselves. xoxo

Your journal pages look amazing and I love your calligraphy. I too suffer with beginning journals and losing interest. I have a library of journals with a few pages completed. Each time I find a new journal I am convinced that I will finish that one. I tell myself it is because I love to design.


Wonderful images and your penmanship makes me jealous!! Love all that doodling and such...

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