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Thank-you, Hope! I didn't know that there was such a thing as the little tin-type frames. Oh boy...something new to hunt for.

Thanks again for sharing!

Excellent instructions.You are so clever. And helpful. And generous.

I didn't know about them either. I just assumed you'd scanned and shrunk a frame... Thanks :)

If you can't find the tiny frames cuttlebug makes a set of small dies that have something similar to "fake" one!

thank you much for this...how to's are always fabulous AND greatly appreciated! :)

Thanks for the how to. I love that page in particular. Thanks for sharing! I'd really enjoy any other tutorials that you might come up with.

I've never heard of tin type frames...but I am so happy that you showed how you came up with this one. I always think it is harder to do than it really is...Thank you so much for sharing. And for me, I would ****love**** mini tutorials from you! :)

Very wonderful Hope xox- Connie

Liked it, thx

Happy Birthday! Love it! The cover is awesome too! White with the gold stars! Striking!

Glad you had such a lovely birthday. Loved your tutorial -- I really hope you'll do it once a month, or more often! BTW, who is the rubber stamp made by of the "old fashioned hand holding the blank card?" It's so cool! Thank you so much for sharing...

Inked!!! What did you get???
Is it the Sanskrit one or a new one?

Very cool!


Oh my gosh, your journals are a work of art!

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