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oh awesome, thank you much! i've been looking for a moon face just like this you have provided...thanks again! blest be :)

love love love the bird. looking forward to more to come.

Just bought a HP Laserjet printer just over a $100. from local Staples store. Can finally print graphics with a QUALITY finish. Thank you for a picture to match - QUALITY. . . .

Thank you thank you thank you! So much FUN!!

Thanks Hope, love these, the bird is magic.

thanks for all your gift I'va been using your victorian angel for my feature of my main site
and on each other site, the angel is the key for go back to main site :)
I love him !

Thanks for all your gift

Hey, it’s great to see these again! I first saw them on Flickr years ago but never saved them, just admired them. Now I will save them and will credit you... should I credit both your blog and your Flickr stream? Well, why not..!!
Thanks so much,
Nancy aka plaisanter~

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