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I ***LOVE*** the changes! Beautiful! And I am so excited for all the new things you are going to be doing. Hip Hip Hooray! Thank you for the download! It feels like Christmas morning!

a beautiful new template ! I love it :)
= very pro and artistic

love it! love it! The typeface is so you! I scanned something in for you the other day (remember the sheet music in that antiquey shop in Georgetown?) but I'm thinking I shouldn't have just scanned the Reuben and Rachel figures, but the title as well.

Hope, it is awesome!! You are so talented. :)

love the new look! so excited for what's to come. thank you for the download, can't wait to use it in a journal! :) i am so excited to hear that you'll be selling handmade journals, too. that's something i've been wishing for! :)

How exciting!Congrats Hope!Love the new look and of course the free download and all your other new ideas!
Warmest wishes from Germany sends you

you go girl, spice it up, snazz it out!! :)

Vintage graphics make me weak in the knees, lol. I love the look of your blog and your ideas! Thank you for the free download. I look forward to meeting you in Oct @ Jenn's event. Blessings ~ Heidi

Hope it looks fantastic...love the typefaces and I love that you included a photo of yourself.

I LOVE IT! It is so you Hope... just awesome.

I can't wait to see what you have in store for us!

Your new blog design is lovely! I always love to see what you're doing- your work is so full of inspiration.

I LOVE the new look! You are so talented and very gracious to share such lovely treasures with us. Thank you!

Love the new look!

Just gorgeous!

Hope, congrats on your new blog design. I just love the magic you create with blog and web designs. I've followed your work through the years and just love your style.

I love your work! I now have you on my sidebar so I will never miss any updates on your gorgeous work!

oh thank you - this is lovely!

That's another wonderful image. Thank you for sharing!

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