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I love this, Hope!

Oh my gosh, Hope! Your print is awesome! Sounds like you're having fun lately!

Hmmm, what do I collect? Sheesh, how to narrow it down? Probably like everyone else, I love tiny old junk to incorporate with art! I also have a small collection of Irish Belleek started by my grandmother. Of course, you know I love ephemera, oh and I collect old Catholic things! Statues, medals, rosaries, you name it. Oh and vintage millinery and sewing supplies, and milk glass, old books... ok, I'll stop, you get the idea! :)

Best to you!

Sheila (formerly of Halo Hill)

now that you pose the question and i have to think about the answer...it has illuminated that OMG i have a problem with having obsessions and collecting those wonderful things!! glitter, calendars, notebooks, paper, ephemera the list really is long!!

Just loveliness! I collect vintage tin items---bread boxes, recipe boxes, just about anything...

oops...I've been doing so little blogging lately that I entered the wrong link for my blog...

What don't I collect? I love all sorts of vintage things. One of my favorites is vintage tablecloths. Thank you for entering me in your beautiful giveaway.


I follow you.


Sorry I forgot to send you a link to my blog.


I collect postcards and letters through my LetterBox Project, and also love to collect handwritten poems.

I collect so many things! I love vintage vases like Hall and McCoy a large collection on my porch, not even going to mention all the junk I collect to re purpose, let's not forget all the paper items and shiny brites.


entry tickets to museums, flower shows, movies, train tickets, business cards to places?restaurants I have visited, city maps... all in a book with some notes on the experience.

following you on Google reader...

um, I follow you :) And that quote would be great "journal-sized". Just sayin' (and hinting). Ahem.

um, right now, I seem to be collecting doilies and lace

I collect vintage bride and groom cake toppers and also bloomer girl figurines and vintage mirrors too! Thanks for a sweet giveaway!

I am following you now on Google connect! Susan

I collect a lot of stuff, without even really trying because I am such a hoarder! But really, I think my most impressive collection is rubber stamps. I try to keep the collection at a minimum, but it just grows and grows and grows. I think my favorite so far is the French alphabet collection and the Chinese architecture building block stamps (that I got on Cathay Pacific duty free, believe it or not).

I love to collect vintage "junk". From kewpie dolls to bingo cards to sewing notions, I love it all & I finally figured out what to do with some of it! See my collages at lillydumpling.etsy.com. -Judy

Hope, thank you for the opportunity! :)
Let's see... I collect vintage children's books with bright colorful images. I love the old 70's readers. We could be here for days if I tell you what I hoard... ;)

I am a happy, happy follower!

I'm a follower & I collect journals/notebooks/paper. You can see just a tiny sliver of my collection here: http://goo.gl/MwVgw Thanks for the giveaway!

I am a follower and I collect pretty paper, journals, pens, junk and glitter.

I collect old books. Just love them.

Both of the prizes are wonderful and I know myself and everyone else would love to receive one! My answer to the question of collecting, I collect anything with dogs, tiny picture frames, books, and all kinds of vintage and new paper! That's my short list!
Cheers! Cocoa

I love ee cummings and you've beautifully illustrated this quote!

I'm a happy follower! I follow on Facebook and adore your wonderful creativity! Let's see what do I collect? I have a few set collectibles; but, I'll purchase anything that I fall in love with and just have to have! Of course, the budget has to agree!

Wow, found you through Karla's cottage - I just love vintage! I collect 'dress forms' This free download will be a perfect piece I mod pode on my dress forms! I have pics, but not sure how to link..thanks for sharing, awesome blog.

Love this... So what do I collect. I have always collected books and stickers... I am talking since I was a child. That was many years ago. The past 20yrs, fall themed items. Recently, scrapbooking and journaling supplies, paper, emphemra, stickers of course, inks etc. I am new and my stash consists of a dresser and table filled, Almost forgot add fabric to my list.

I have a small collection of pigs and I also love bulldogs. In addition to this, I have a collection of small bisque dolls (like frozen Charlottes), vintage photos, and vintage paper/ephemera and assorted collage/scrapbook supplies. Love the beautiful print and think it would be a wonderful item for my daughter to take with her as she starts college next week for the first time.

Wow...what don't I collect??? (If you ask my husband, he'll say EVERYTHING). I have collected Teddy Bears for years and now thanks to inspiration from my daughter and her friends, I love collecting all things paper related...beautiful papers, stickers,ephemera, stickers, rubber stamps, etc. I also collect angels, white ironstone and all things Asian. Thanks Hope for your awesome blog!

I collect opera glasses and vintage rings.

Hi! I collect so many things...my favorite is my collection of pretty salt and pepper shakers filled with glitter. I've only just begun. :)

I am now following on Google connect. Are you on Google+ yet?

I collect chunky books, handmade pages by other artists all the same theme and then bound together to make a book- and i have searched all my accounts and cannot find a picture.
I love art!
PS I am also going to follow you

I collect beach glass, heart shaped rocks, white pitchers and all different kinds of papers (I've got to start a journal soon). I adore your blog and journals, so many wonderful ideas! Thank you :)Connie

Love the beautiful print and think it would be a wonderful item for my daughter to take with her as she starts college next week for the first time. The second item is a silhouette print I made (shown above) of an image I made to use in my journal last spring (shown below).

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