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Oh Hope,
So very lovely! This is an easy question for me to answer, my very most favorite fictional character in the entire world is Eliza Dolittle from My Fair Lady! It's my favorite movie and I just adore her spunk and zest for living.....

My very favorite item is the teeny tiny finger pointing stamp! Adore......

Jo March...I could always empathize with her as I've now only just found the perfect love of my life since turning 32 :)

It's my first time visiting your site... what a great little find for a Monday. Made me smile. Anyway, it's a hard choice on favorite, but I'm going with PeeKay from The Power of One. Fingers crossed for winning. I love Besotted Brands and am so glad the shoppe has opened!

Oh, for my second chance, I ordered the handmade stamp and some of the so very fine paper - I haven't received my package yet, so I'm not sure which will be my actual favorite yet. Choosing favorites is really tough for me today! :)

The first character that comes to mind is Elizabeth Bennet. I know she is a favorite of many, but she was such a role model for me growing up. She wasn't afraid to speak her mind and show her intelligence, even when it wasn't popular.

also, at the Besotted website, I love the Custom Calligraphy Stationary Stamp.

My favourite fictional character is Scout Finch. I admire her courageous and big heart.

My favourite item in the Besotted Brand shop is the Ultimate Stationery Gift Set. I'm a paper lover (if not a crazy paper stalker) and it promises to delight me, so it sounds good to me. I'm also a sucker for packaging, and it's packaged so beautifully. I think I'm in love.

I have a tie on favorite fictional characters...in movies, Margot Tenenbaum. In novels, Elizabeth Bennet. I like stubborn characters with a lot happening under the surface.

As for my favorite things from Besotted Brand...there are a lot to choose from, but I love the Ultimate Stationary Set the most because there's a little of everything in it!

I love Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games book. Perfect combination of stubborn, courageous and good-hearted.

My favorite Besotted item is the happy birthday stamp. Just lovely!

Favorite fictional character? This is so hard. Right now I'm loving Lady Mary Crowley on Downton Abbey. Gotta love British drama!

My favorite character is Scarlett O'Hara. She was outrageous, courageous, and a bold, strong-willed woman. Not given over to worrying about her mistakes. I hope someday I can emulate her! ;)

My favorite item has to be the little clothespins!

My all time favorite book is "To Kill a Mockingbird", so I must go with Scout Finch. It is her courage and moral character that I admire.

A favorite item is going to be impossible to choose. I believe the hello and to/from stamps are in a tie. Honestly, I think everything is truly wonderful.

i've always loved ramona (beverly cleary). as a kid, i poured through those books and felt like i really was a read-life ramona!

my favorite items would have to be the stamps. but the kit is just darling!

Oooh, wonderful giveaway. My favourite character is Fevvers from Nights at the Circus by Angela Carter. She's awesome!

I adore the archive labels. They're simply elegant. Lovely.

hello there! anne shirley of anne of green gables.. my favorite series growing up.. anne is so talkative, dramatic, and has a huge imagination {just like me}!

from besotted brand, the ultimate stationery gift set.. it's perfect!

My favorite fictional character is Sherlock Holmes. Since childhood I've been drawn to his moody genius.

Hello! I love Amèlie from "Le fabouleux destin de Amèlie Poulain", I love her style and way to live...she inspires me since 2003!

hello! my favourite character is Amèlie from "le fabouleux destin de Amèlie Poulain"...she inspires me all these years with her way to live and to wear!

ops, I enter the same comment two times...it's a mistake, forgive me...
But I have to say thet I love the Thank you hand stamp from Besotted shop.

such a tough question, i can't choose between hermione granger (harry potter) and jo march (little women)!

and kinda funny - i made my first besotted brand purchase just yesterday! i bought this exact kit (tho if i win it here i'll give the first away as a christmas present!) plus the skull stamp! i'm also in love with the personalized name stamp.

What an awesome giveaway! My favourite fictional character would have to be Mary Poppins because she teaches great lessons, works with kids, has a wicked carpet bag that holds everything, she can sing and she can fly. And I like her dresses. Pretty much the raddest lady ever!

May favourite item is the ultimate stationery kit, followed my the carte postale stamp. I love everything in the shop however!

Love this...it's beautiful and would be fun to win...fictional character...I will choose from current TV...it would have to be Doc Martin...so entertaining

My favorite childhood movie was Mary Poppins, I loved Bert! With his awesome music instrument!!! My Dad and I actually built one of these together.Good old times!

And my favorite item will be the thick kraft envelopes that Miss B. was talking about this weekend! I can't wait to order, I have been looking for these for a long time!

My favorite character is Jane Eyre, which I guess shouldn't surprise you.

although, I have to confess the mysterious Athos (yes, I've just been to see the new movie version) in "the Three Musketeers" has intrigued me as a character.

I think I would definitely have to say Miss Elizabeth Bennett.

Awesome! I wanna be in! My favorite fictional character is Amelie Poulain. I love how she changes the world by doing simple things.


I loooove this! My favorite fictional character is Miss Elizabeth Bennet from Pride & Prejudice! I loved that she wanted to marry for love and not for economic gains...

My favorite item from Miss B. is the THE ULTIMATE STATIONERY GIFT SET... WHY? Because it's truly Ultimate and Fabulous for the paperlovingkingofperson, like myself!

My favorite fictional character is a tie between Samuel and Lee in John Steinbeck's East of Eden. Both men are so intelligent and have this fascination with life. My favorite parts of my favorite book is reading the conversations these two have about life and human beings.

My favorite product in the Besotted Brand shop is easily the ultimate stationary kit.

i loved anne of green gables.

Because she journals... I luv Bridget Jones!

My fave in the Besotted shoppe is the Personalized Woodland Wreath Initials Stamp - definitely on my wishlist!

Josephine March in The Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. I love the Ultimate Stationary Kit. So awesome.

Favourite fictional character. Why, Molly Grue, of course, in The Last Unicorn. After all, it would be the last unicorn in all the world who comes to Molly Grue, and gets scolded for it.

My favourite item in The Besotted Brand? (apart form the so-cute hugging, dancing elephants?) The True Kraft envelopes. Such lovely, tactile things.

my favorite of all time is scout from to kill a mockingbird. i love how brave she is and how outspoken she is as well! i even named my puppy after her! such a great giveaway!

p.s. my favorite item in the shop is BLUSH SKIES PRINT GICLEE. lovely!

Hard to pick a favorite, but I might say Jay Gatsby. I also will also have to second Ramona who has also been mentioned here!

Love custom calligraphy stamp 1!

my favorite....peter pan. I won't grow up!

Thanks for the giveaway! My favourite character may just be Milo from The Phantom Tollbooth. Because who doesn't wish to be whisked away into a magical world where you can eat numbers and letters and your best friend is a talking clock dog

One of my favorite fictional characters would be Matilda. My BF & I were recently talking about her special magical powers and she is such a sweetheart that gets the "laugh" in the end!

I love all her stamps!

How lovely! Right now I love Isabel Dalhouse, the protagonist of Alexander McCall Smith's "Sunday Philosophy Club" books.

I always kind of wanted to be Sal Paradise. But what with it not being the 50's, or me being a man, I think i might have failed on that. plus I am no where near cool enough to be a beat poet of any sort.....

{found your blog through Miss B's post on the Besotted blog and la-la-love it! I have done a few souvenir foto schools and can not wait for the next. See you there!}

I love Ramona (Beverly Cleary) too! She was a favorite of mine growing up.
I also really love Liesel from The book Thief (Markus Zusak).

My second entry: I love the personalized monogram stamp! So cute and perfect for thank you notes and just to say hello :)

One of my favorites is Anne Shirley from the Anne of Green Gables series. I've always loved her and even had the wonderful privilege of visiting Prince Edward Island a couple of years ago. Thanks for your generous giveaway! Love your work and your blog!

I especially like your petite heart stationary--darling! I'm a sucker for hearts and drawn to simplicity! Very nice!

Fun! Probably Ann (of Green Gables).

my dad gave me a book when I was young called "The King's Daughter" by Suzanne Martel, about an orphan from France who agree to move to New France (Canada) to be a mail-order wife for a fur-trapper. Her options are go into a convent or go on this epic, unknown adventure. She choose to the adventure. Her name is Jeanne. I've read the book dozens of times (I have multiple copies.) It is listed as a young adult book. but I enjoy it now just as much as an adult. Her spunk and tenacity remind me not to give up. Plus it reminds me of many happy sailing trips with my family (like we were on in Canada, when my dad bought me the book in a little bookshop.)

my fav item is the custom calligraphy stationery stamp II (this is the lowercase option) I would have this made with my fiance and my names and use it for the front of simple, elegant thank yous or just notes from us.

Hands down Elizabeth Bennett , i live her life in my dreams , I think i really should have been born in a different age ! P.S> you guys rock , I need it all !!

Willy Wonka. I just think he's the coolest.

Jane Austen's Emma without a doubt! I empathize with her desire to set everything (and everyone) up right, with occasional, but often haphazard and comical, results!

my favorite fictional character is spongebob squarepants :p

because he tastes sooo good!

lol :)

my favorite item on the besotted site is the ultimate stationery gift set :)

one of my favorite fictional characters is lars from the movie lars and the real girl :). i love how he real he is and how he fights through some of his battles through life experiences.

i'm in love with all of the stamps in the shop but i also love the original flag labels! thanks for a chance to win!

Oh my goodness, I can't get enough of this. I'm in love.

I just want a stamp. With my name or our name or even "hello" or thank you. Please??

My favorite character is Claire from Diana Gabaldon's Outlander Series. Love her b/c she is a modern woman traveling in history! yuou will love her too!

My fav is the stationary set, thx for the chance to win!

Oh so hard to chose just one favorite fictional character....loved THE BORROWERS books as a young girl...wanted so very much to find a miniature world behind the baseboards... so Arriety was a favorite.

And Melanie from Gone With the Wind...always admired how she was generous, kind and gracious no matter what the circumstance = a true lady.

gorgeous stationary!! would love to win. i'm ashamed to say i'm not much of a reader (!!) so i can't say i have a favorite character. but i will say one of my favorite authors is barbara kingsolver and i've always loved all of her main characters. they are strong, smart, brave women with depth and soul.

Oh the Besotted Brand site is lovely--hard to choose a favorite but the ultimate stationery set is FAB (love all the packaging and the look of the site)....

Fanny Price. All of Jane Austen's heroines are sublime, but Fanny is my favorite. Quite, reserved, and ever observant of the true nature of those around her. If alive today, her wit and candor would out-rank even Dear Abby's.

I would say is Winnie the Pooh which is my all time favorite fictional character. Pooh is a very easy-going, likeable character. I figured a Pooh-person would be one that doesn't get upset very easily, if at all. She would tend to be quiet, slow moving, but quite philosophical about life. They may not appear to be very intellectual, but that may just be their simplicity in disguise. Hence, I would love to be friends with Pooh-person! :D

Besotted Brand shop has a wide range of amazing products. Well, my favourite product in the Besotted Brand shop goes to the Sweet Hello Hand Stamp. "Hello" is a word frequently used when we write letters, etc hence, this product is quite practical for me. Also, the word "Hello" in the stamp is much more beautiful than I write it out myself.

The first character that comes to mind is Bren from C.J. Cherryh's Foreigner series. If she wrote one a year it wouldn't be enough. Thanks for the lovely well-named giveaway. I would be sated to win!

My favorite product from the Besotted Brand site would have to be the Ultimate Stationery Set, but I also love that Carte Postale stamp. Yet another tempting site, and just in time for Christmas.

My favorite fictional character: Scarlett O'Hara. She finds that she is stonger than she thinks and can tackle just about anything that comes her way.

Favorite item: love that calligraphy "hello" stamp.

my favourite item would be the ultimate stationary kit, but I have my eyeon the anchor stamp too - i'm imagining it with a silver ink.

My Favorite fictional character was Gelsomina, in Felinni's La Strada played to perfection by Guilietta Masina. The bubbly, waiflike Gelsomina is a simpleton sold to the gruff, bullying circus strongman Zampanò (Anthony Quinn) as a servant and assistant. Treated no better than an animal, Gelsomina nonetheless falls in love with the brute Zampanò. Such a sweet touching and heartbreaking character and movie. I will tweet and fb the giveaway also.

My favorite fictional character:
Anne Shirley Blythe.
The married Anne. I think we'd be great friends and writing buddies.

Favorite Item:
The Ultimate Stationary Kit!

My favorite fictional character is Novalee Nation from "Where the Heart Is". She was a problem solver (lived in a Wal-Mart when abandoned), strong (single mom), a good friend (just ask Lexie and Sister Husband) and creative (even won an award). But I also love everyone at the "Honk and Holler Opening Soon" -- really any of Bellie Letts' characters. Gotta read her books

Sometimes I think that Miss B is a fictional character, because she's just too good to be true! Seriously though, I it's a tie between Elizabeth Bennett and her father, both, of course from Pride and Prejudice. They have such a wonderfully complex relationship, and it's so enjoyable to read and watch.

The "hello" stamp is my favorite from the shop, so this would be a perfect set for me! I also adore all of the wooden stamps, and every little bit of attention to detail that Miss B has put into her line of products!

Amelia Bedelia is my favorite fictional character. I think that the way she takes life so literal is a little reminder of how we, as people, can make life more complicated or confusing than it needs to be(Sometimes her actions are too literal but it's the idea that counts). Simplify.
The hand stamped draw string bags in the shop are adorable!

Ramona Quimby is my favorite fictional character--I loved those books as a kid (and still read them with a smile today!) I always related to her mix-ups, kid problems and relationships with her parents and sister.

I love all of the stamps==but my fave is the woodland wreath monogram--so pretty and classic!

One of my favorite fictional characters is Amelia Peabody of the Elizabeth Peters Victorian mystery series. She doesn't let convention hinder her ability to see and think and act for herself, and her treks down the Nile and through archeological Egypt bring alive a place I've often visited.

Any of the Besotted Brand kits would be lovely, especially the Ultimate!

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