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Wow !!! You certainly have done quite a bit .. it is lovely indeed ! I have not started on mine at all .. eep. My theme is Treehouses .. and I am going in a slightly different direction than actual "treehouses" . I love treehouses but am worried that I should have chosen a much easier theme ..lol.. wish me luck!
Love your book!

It is so great to see that you are doing this project, Hope. I am excited to learn that you are! I participated last year and really enjoyed the process. For this year I registered and have done nothing yet . . . but will soon. I chose the same theme as you! I have another friend in the UK who has also chosen the "encyclopedia of" theme, so it will be interesting to continue viewing progress in both of your sketchbooks. My last year's one is digitized here: http://www.arthousecoop.com/library/4612
My theme was "This is not a sketchbook".
yours, lenna

Hope, I love this. Love it. I may actually be able to see one of your notebooks and hold it in my hands when it comes Toronto. What a project. What a girl! Hope you are well and happy and enjoying all the adventures and what nots you have been posting about.

I love what you did with your journal. I joined too and have yet to decide what to do with mine. I need to get on the ball, not much time left.

Your work is always fun to see.
I love that quote about long-distance friendships and wanted to write it down and share it with someone if that's OK, but wanted to appropriately credit it. Is Diana Carte the correct name/spelling? Thanks!

I love when you show us your journals Hope. It is so much fun to study all the details, and I always get ideas for something new to try.

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