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I absolutely love the learning-to-tell-knock-knock-jokes stage. so many bad jokes... so much fake laughing... and then suddenly, the kid is funny! I enjoyed trading a few knock knock attempts with Schmoogie this weekend! have you introduced mr. comedian pants to the "orange you glad I didn't say apple" one yet?

I was given so much this year. But my favourite gift to give was the one that I'm in the process of making for my bff: a crochet nanna blankie for her new apartment. It's going to take an age but she knows it is being made with love, with her favourite colours in mind, and I know it will be lovingly received... not to mention useful!
PS Great gift you gave your husband! Does it give you a tiny frisson to see him use it every day?

Your blog is so inspiring to me. I have been feeling the urge to get into mixed media for a while, and I just love what you do!

A couple of posts ago you mentioned having all your supplies set up in a certain area. I am going to do the same thing. :)


Loving following this series, I'm doing a December daily but just filling each day as it comes with christmassy 'stuff.'

Just writing because I noticed you spelt favourite with a 'u' in it, I do too because I live in the UK, but I thought you spelt it favorite?

I made my sister a personalised (private) video on youtube this year for her 50th - it included all the things she and I remembered about growing up in the 1960s and 1970s.

Hi Nicky! Yes, I drive my friends crazy with how I spell favourite - I do not know why I spell it this way - If I try to spell it the US way I always feel like it is forced and wrong.
I should try to train myself to do it the proper way (well, proper way for where I live).

Thanks for stopping by!!

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